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Body Weight

Today's fast-paced world finds many people in front of a computer, whether they are working or relaxing. A busy life makes it easier to microwave a snack or call for takeout than to plan and cook a healthy meal. Physical inactivity and a poor diet make it easy to put on weight and hard to take it off.

In turn, physical inactivity and overweight can contribute to joint pain. Knee, hip, and ankle joints can be painful both because they are carrying more weight than they should be and because the muscles that should be supporting the joints are too weak to do the job properly. Injury is also more likely when a person is out of shape.

Similarly, inactivity and overweight can lead to back pain. The combination of excess weight, especially in the abdomen, and weak abdominal and back muscles can pull the spine forward, causing a sore back. A poor sitting posture can aggravate back pain. Taking activity breaks when working at a computer can relieve muscle tension.

Tips for managing body weight

Addressing this complex problem involves committing to making some changes in your life.

  • Build physical activity into your life. Physical activity can build muscle strength, improve posture, contribute to weight loss, and reduce joint and back pain. Physical activity does not have to be "exercise" at the gym. It can be walking, cycling, gardening, or any other activity you enjoy.
  • Develop healthy eating habits. This does not mean dieting. Dieting is ineffective in the long term. Developing healthy eating habits can improve your health overall and help you take weight off and keep it off. Changing your eating habits means you also need to shop differently.
  • Work towards a healthy body weight. With healthy new habits in place, you can set and achieve weight loss goals.

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